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About Safety Standards

ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials and has developed the standard F2040-18 for helmets used in recreational snow sports as the most appropriate standard for evaluating performance of the helmets. The current version of this standard includes: (1) requirements for coverage of the head, (2) performance under impact with steel anvils, (3) ability of the retention system to withstand a strong jerking load, (4) ability of the retention system to retain the helmet in position on the wearer’s head, and (5) information that must be provided by the manufacturer to the consumer. Products are tested annually by an independent lab must be capable of satisfying the impact and retention requirements of the ASTM standard, when sold in Europe also those of the EN European standard EN 1077. Helmets satisfying either the ASTM standard or the EN standart or both, have been proven to reduce the risk of head injuries in snow sport activities.

Organization appointed to issue the certification (EN1077:2007) and the Attestation of Conformity (ASTM F2040-18): Dolomiticert S.c.r.l, a registered company with its registered office at Z.I. Villanova 7/A, 32013 Longarone (BL), Italy.

ASTM Certified CE Certified Not for Motorized Vehicles