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Classically Cool Helmets that Stand the Test of Time

Designed in Colorado

Hand made in Italy

We are family, Built on Trust and family Connection

LowDown Helmets is a unique family-owned ski and snowboard helmet company nestled in Carbondale, Colorado. Our journey began with a once in a lifetime family trip to Italy, where the charm of old-school classic retro-style motorcycle helmets ignited our inspiration. From that moment, the vision of blending that sleek retro look with modern safety standards and unparalleled comfort took root, paving the way for our venture into the world of ski and snowboarding helmets.

In a market dominated by a few major brands focusing primarily on function and safety, we recognized a gap – the need for style. LowDown Helmets emerged to bridge that gap, offering a full-coverage helmet meticulously hand made in small batches in Italy. Our commitment goes beyond just safety; we bring you a helmet with a cool and unique aesthetic, redefining the way you approach winter sports gear.

Our fundamental drive is to see more helmets on more heads, emphasizing both safety and style. We aspire to create ski and snowboard helmets that you not only wear for protection but also because you genuinely want to. Designed in the Colorado and hand made in Italy, the brother and sister team of Steve and Courtney is excited to welcome you to their family.

We can't wait to see you on the slopes!